What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexuality can be confusing at times, especially for women, or for men who have relationships with women. So many things are
able to disrupt the natural reactions that women have to sexual stimulation, sexual desire, and sexual enjoyment, and female
sexual dysfunction is really quite common.

By definition, female sexual dysfunction is the lack of ability to maintain excitement. The symptoms may be different for each
woman. Problems with sexual desire, the inability to become aroused, pain during sex, and not being able to achieve orgasm
may all be symptoms of sexual dysfunction for women.

More than forty percent of women will experience what is defined as sexual dysfunction at some time or other during their
lifetime. The symptoms from one woman to another may not be the same, but the emotional toll it can take on you and the
feelings of helplessness and hopelessness it can bring can have devastating effects if not understood and given the help you

Female sexual dysfunction can be caused by many things. Both physical and emotional causes are part of the line up. Some
possible causes include not having enough blood flow to the genital area, nerve damage, hormone levels being inadequate,
past sexual abuse experiences, fear of pain, infections, pregnancy, sexual communication problems, loss of lubrication, illness,
medication side effects, and trauma or stress placed on you physically or emotionally.

Sometimes the problem may last for a short time, and it will resolve itself on its own. But sometimes the problem persists for a
long time, and it can bring confusion, feelings of frustration, depression, and even be a threat to a relationship if not understood

The first step to getting the help you need if you are going through female sexual dysfunction is to figure out which area is the
problem for you. Many women have a problem in only one area, others in multiple areas of sexual dysfunction. Identifying the
main problem area will enable you to find the help you need. The common areas in which to experience dysfunction in are
sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasm, and pain during sexual activity.

If you have had an ongoing problem with any of the areas that are mentioned above, you might want to talk to your doctor about
the possibility that it is caused by a medical condition. Having a physical may give you an idea about why you are going through
this. Another area you may want to consider is the relationship itself. Is there a communication problem? Are you being given the
attention and time you need to become aroused to the point of orgasm? Has your partner hurt you emotionally in any way? Is
there stress that has caused you to lose desire? Think carefully back to past sexual experiences too, as they can play a role in
what you’re feeling now.

One thing that makes it much harder to deal with dysfunction is feelings of guilt, condemnation, and inadequacy. Keep in mind
that you are not alone. There are millions of women who go through the same type of thing. There is help, there is hope, and
there is almost always an end to this problem.

Whatever your specific female sexual dysfunction, there is help available. The first step to healing in this area may be talking to
your doctor or your partner and coming up with a plan on how to try to treat the problem. Getting through sexual dysfunction is
possible, and it can happen with a little patience and determination.
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