What is Female Libido?

What is libido? Many people may think of it as the ability to enjoy sexual relations or reach a climax. This narrow definition,
however, is a bit misleading, as a low libido doesn’t mean the inability to climax or never enjoy sex. It simply implies a reduced
desire, and for women, it can be a serious problem.

The bottom line is that many women who are going through problems with their libido do have sex, and most actually enjoy it. At
the heart of the matter, the female libido is a woman's level of sexual desire or instinct. Lack of libido simply means a lack of
desire for sexual activity, not an inability to enjoy it once you are participating, and not an inability to reach a climax.

If you have been wondering “What is libido?”, you may want to look at a bit of psychological theory. According to Freud, sexual
desire is present from infancy on. It begins with a focus on the mouth and with the action of sucking. During the toddler and
preschool years, the focus switches to bathroom functions. Then, during puberty, sexual desire becomes obvious with attention
on the sex organs and how changes are occurring in the body. Then, the focus changes to noticing the opposite sex, with
attraction towards learning about them. While not everyone subscribes to all of Freud’s theories, the undeniable truth is that
sexual desire is, or at least should be, present throughout much of your adult life.

A Changing Landscape

The female libido goes through many changes in a lifetime. With hormonal shifts, childbirth, illness, stress, the side effects of
medication, and emotional health challenges, most women will experience a lack of libido at one time or another. While there
are many reactions to lower libido, one thing that may be an option for some women is female libido enhancers.

Using a female libido enhancer may make a difference, but if you are suffering from a lack of libido, and you know what is
causing it, you may find that simply dealing with the problem will end the lack of libido.

Women normally have an interest in and a desire to experience sexual satisfaction in a relationship setting. When that desire
decreases substantially, and the feeling of wanting to seek out sexual experiences is not present at all, there may be a libido
problem. If you have the thought, “I could never have sex again and be happy,” or if you are having a difficult time turning your
attention to the sexual aspects of your relationship, you may be experiencing a lack of libido.

Sudden loss of interest in sex when you have always had an active interest and desire to be close to your partner may be
emotionally distressing. Knowing what has caused your decreased interest level and what you can do about it may help you
cope better with those confusing and distressing feelings. More than anything, though, it is essential to understand that it is
normal for women to experience a lack of libido at different times throughout life. It’s also important to note, though, that
something can be done if the problem becomes serious.

Your libido develops and undergoes many changes over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes it will be greater, and sometimes it
may decrease, but may always be different, especially for women. The changing women's libido can be a challenge to
understand, but creating that understanding will help you deal with any libido shifts you experience.
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