So I Have a Decreased Libido, What Do I Do to Fix It?

Traditionally having a good libido has been considered a man's thing. In all reality, though, women have libido too, and
sometimes it may even be better than their male partner’s. The real problem is that women are likely to experience more
fluctuations with libido than men do, and decreased libido in women is more common than it is in men.

Fortunately, with so many baby boomers aging quickly, there is not only more publicity about women and the problems they may
face, but also more openness about women's sexuality and that has led to more solutions.

The Heart of the Matter

Libido is simply sexual desire. There are many things women go through, that can cause decreased libido. Throughout a
woman's life, there are changes in hormones, emotions, health, stress levels, and relationships, all of which can have an effect
on her libido. When women notice that their sexual desire level is much less than is normal for them, they may become worried
or even afraid that they are entering a part of life that may mean less desire, less love, and less sexual pleasure.

If you are a woman who is experiencing decreased female libido, there is hope to get it back. There are things you can do to help
reach your normal sex drive once again. With the amount of information available to help you sort things out, and the open
communication about women's sexuality these days, you can find just what you need to bring your desire back.

Finding the Cause

Decreased libido in women always has a cause. It is almost always temporary, as long as you find it, then take steps to remedy
the problem. That really is the first step to getting back to normal - finding the cause. Hormone changes are a common cause of
lack of sexual desire. Postpartum and menopausal women have low estrogen levels. At a certain point in your cycle, you may
experience a drop in estrogen. No matter where you are in the spectrum, though, one way to help bring your estrogen levels up,
without resorting to hormone replacement is to eat estrogen rich foods. Adding soy is one great choice. Selecting foods high in
estrogen may help raise your levels and keep them higher so your libido begins to return to normal.

Finding Help

Another thing that many women may want to do is talk to their doctor about it. As embarrassing as admitting that you have no
desire can be, it could be something medical that is causing your lack of desire. Decreased libido can be a symptom of
depression. It can also be a symptom of some types of illness. Having a medical exam may offer you an answer about what is
causing it, and your doctor may be able to offer you some help about how to begin getting it back. Usually if a low sex drive is
from illness, it will return when you are fully recovered.

If you do decide to talk with your doctor, it’s important to remember he may suggest your low sex drive is a side effect of
medication. If you are taking anti depressants, birth control pills, blood pressure medication, and some other commonly
prescribed medicines, then they may be causing you to have decreased sexual desire. Talk to your doctor about taking
something that won't cause such a reaction as a substitute.

Getting Started

One thing that many women may not consider is that just because the initial desire isn't there, it doesn't mean that sex can't be
enjoyable and satisfying once you are in the act. Many women feel that they have to be in the mood to enjoy it. The truth is that
once you are beginning to be sexually active, often the mood may come. There is a saying that proves to be true for sex, use it or
lose it. When you stop having sex, your desire will decrease. If you continue having sex, even though the drive may not be there,
the desire may return more quickly.

Lack of sexual desire is usually temporary. If it happens to you, don't panic. Talk to your doctor about possible causes and keep
doing all you can to increase your desire. You can get it back.
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