What Causes Loss of Libido in Women?

One question that has plagued many women over the years is what causes loss of libido? While it's true that loss of libido is not
only a problem for women, it is much more common for women than it is for men to suffer from a lack of sexual desire.

Through careful examination of the causes of a low libido, it is possible to recognize some things that may have caused this
problem for you in the past. If you are suffering from a libido issue right now, seeing some of the possible causes may help you
know how to correct it and get back on course with your relationship once again.

The female libido has been something that has been studied for years. Women are not all alike, and so the things that may
cause a loss of libido for one woman may not for another. Looking at all aspects of a woman's life, it is clear that there are many
things that can cause a loss of desire. Let's take a look at some of the more common libido busters with the hope of helping you
see where you can make some changes to bring back that desire.

Possible Causes

Hormone changes may be the number one thing that causes a loss of libido for women. Your hormones change a number of
times during your life. Expect them to shift during your monthly cycle, during pregnancy, during childbirth, after childbirth, as you
get older, and as you reach menopause. As the hormones change, the amount of stress your body goes through is incredible,
and it can affect not only your physical condition, but your emotions and mental state, so it is no wonder you may lose some
desire along the way. Hormonal changes happen throughout a woman’s life cycle, and having ups and downs with sexual
desire may be one way they affect you.

Fatigue is also one of the biggest robbers. It can take your energy, your attention, your health, and your libido. There are many
things that can cause fatigue - working overtime, family obligations, stress, illness, and even just getting less than enough
sleep. Fortunately, when it comes to libido, fatigue has a fairly simple cure. Just rest.

Stress and low libido tend to go together in many cases. On one hand, sex can be a wonderful stress reliever. On the other
hand, when women experience high stress levels, they may not have any sexual desire. Whether the stress is caused by work,
family problems, bills, illness, emotional upset, or relationship issues, it can cause your libido to weaken.

Depression is one of the things that has the ability to interrupt everything including life, fun, and your normal way of seeing things
and desiring things, including sex. It kind of goes hand in hand - loss of sexual desire is a symptom of depression, but
depression causes loss of desire. Knowing which is causing which may not be possible, but you can treat both and have both
issues resolved.

Illness and medications can also both cause a lack of desire. The female libido is something that will be affected if you’re ill.
Whether it’s a minor cold or a more serious ongoing illness, your level of sexual desire will change. It can also be affected by
certain medications. If you are taking medicine,  talk to your doctor about using a medication that doesn't have loss of sexual
desire as a side effect. If you are ill or in pain, it should get change as you recover.

If you are experiencing a lack of desire, it’s important to take heed of the fact that there is a reason behind the problem. Don't feel
like you are odd or that there is no hope. Lack of desire may be a part of life, but it is most likely a temporary thing. Finding the
cause will also help you find the cure.
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