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What are the Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Sex is good, right? Well, ideally it is good for everyone, but there are some things that can put a damper on sex, not only for you,
but your partner as well. Female sexual dysfunction is something that can take its toll on a sexual experience, relationships, and
your personal sexuality. It can make a woman feel inadequate, guilty, worried, and frustrated among other things.

What are the causes of female sexual dysfunction? First, let's take a look at what female sexual dysfunction is. The definition of
female sexual dysfunction is a lack of sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused, an inability to orgasm, and having pain during
sex. Up to fifty percent of all women will experience at least one of these things at some time or other. If the problem continues
for some time, and there is no improvement, or if it is a multi symptom problem, you may be experiencing female sexual

Female sexual dysfunction causes may be different for each woman. Traditional medicine assumed that the main causes of
sexual dysfunction for women were mostly psychological in nature. Now, with more education about sexuality and more
openness from a societal perspective, physical causes have been discovered.

With both physiological and psychological problems being associated as possible female sexual dysfunction causes, looking at
both ends of the possibilities may offer some help towards recognizing where problems originate.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes of female sexual dysfunction include anxiety and depression. This, however, is twofold, since lack of
desire and sexual problems can also cause anxiety and depression. Knowing which is the cause of which may help you come
up with a plan for treatment to help the situation. If you have been depressed, and then you began to notice problems with sexual
things, the depression may be the cause. By the same token, if you began having sexual dysfunction and then became
depressed, depression may be a symptom of the sexual dysfunction. Either way, seeing your doctor may offer you the best
solution to the problem. He may be able to offer you help in the form of advice or even medication.

Another psychological cause is feelings of guilt about sex. Many people, especially women, were taught that sex was dirty as
children. Coming to terms with the reality that sex is something to enjoy, something to share with another person, and a way to
express love for your partner as well as experience the love given to you may help you overcome those feelings of guilt and

Another area that may need to be looked at is the relationship itself. If you are in a relationship where there is not proper
communication, you may have a hard time overcoming sexual dysfunction. If your relationship is not one that is mutually
satisfying, you may need counseling to repair the damage.

Physical Causes

Some of the physical causes of female sexual dysfunction may be easily helped, and others may have to be worked through. The
most common physical cause is hormonal. Women’s hormones fluctuate throughout life. With their monthly cycle, pregnancy,
and menopause, there are always changes occurring. If hormone levels drop and don't return to normal, long term problems
with sexual dysfunction may occur. Having your hormone levels checked and trying to bring them back to normal may take care of
the problem.

Other physical problems that may cause sexual dysfunction for women include nerve damage caused by surgery or trauma,
infections, STDs, vaginal dryness, and the side effects of medication.

There is help and hope for you if you are going through sexual dysfunction. You are not frigid; you are a woman who has a
problem that needs to be addressed without shame or embarrassment. Finding the cause is the first step to getting the help you
need to overcome this problem.
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