What You Need

With so much to do and time always seeming to bear down on you, it’s no wonder you have hit a sexual snag. Stress, age, work, kids, and more can all affect you in a negative way and lead you to be unexcited when your partner tries to initiate a little intimacy. This is something that is bound to happen to every women throughout life. But the problem arises when you want to be excited – and just aren’t. You would enjoy getting aroused – but you can’t. So what then?

That is when you can seek out help. A lot of women don’t know that there is a female libido enhancer just around the corner, waiting to help. Instead, most women assume that these products are only for men, popping pills and feeling right as rain in no time. Today we live in the 21st century, and that is no longer true. Men and women alike have come to understand that women need help sometimes just like men, and the market for these types of products have just only begun.

Women can take pills, but there is more out there than just a pill. Women love variety, and that is what you can get. Topical creams can do wonders, not only bringing back sexual arousal, but enhancing pleasure once you and your partner get intimate. These creams are specifically developed for a woman’s delicate areas, made of natural ingredients to help return your sex drive to you where it belongs.

It may sound like any lubricant you can buy at a store, but those are quite different. Those products are made specifically to enhance pleasure, not necessarily to get your engine going. Creams help circulate blood flow and balance out hormonal differences. The result is feeling much better about sex, becoming more easily aroused, and more easily creating your own natural lubricants.

Many creams are available to order online. As long as you do your homework, you can find a reliable source of female libido enhancer creams that are natural and has few to no side effects (many of them rely on herbal ingredients to do the work). These suppliers also understand your desire for discreetness and will ship your products in a non-descript package so you can feel more at ease about ordering.

Many of these creams will not only bring back your sexual desire, but will also enhance your sexual encounters, making you love sex even more (or remembering why you loved it in the first place!).


Which Is Right For Me?

When men have a problem in their sex lives, they generally have one place to turn to. Viagra. Many women are just as familiar with this little blue pill as men are. However, when we find ourselves in the shallow end of the pool when it comes to getting excited for sex, there are more than just pills to turn to.

These days, we have a whole variety of possibilities before us. That’s perfect, as (let’s face it) we like variety. But when we are finally faced with those possibilities, it can become a little confusing. Do you want a pill or a gel? Is there really a difference between a cream and an oil? Is one safer than the other? Which is right for you?

Men’s problems are largely physical, but for women, problems often lie beneath just the physical part. Depending upon the severity of your sexual dysfunction, the reasons behind it, and the time it may take to reach your peak once more, your choice may not be the same as another woman’s. This is fine, and exactly why the female libido enhancer has taken so many forms.

If you have stronger problems that will take longer to adjust, then a pill form may be a better bet. Taken daily, you can work your way back up to a sexual encounter by taking the pills in advance. By the time you are ready to try once more, the herbs and vitamins in the pills will have helped balance out your hormones and adjusted other areas of your body to allow you to be ready when the time comes. You can continue taking the pills for as long as you need in order to maintain or continue to improve your drive.

Creams, oils, and gels all tend to be very similar. They can be used either before a sexual encounter or during. Application will depend upon the brand you are using. Most creams and gels are topical and applied externally. Oils are more likely to be used like lubricants found in the drug store. They all work to stimulate blood flow to erogenous zones, enhancing pleasure and increasing natural lubrication.

Feel free to choose whatever makes you most comfortable and that you think will work best. If something doesn’t perform the way you expected, some products offer money back guarantees. Keep trying until you find that perfect female libido enhancer and then enjoy your newfound sexuality.


What These Products Can Help And Boost

Female sexual dysfunction can happen even to the best of us. By using a female libido enhancer, you can return your body to the way it was, during the times when you truly enjoyed sex.

How is this possible? When we age or have other issues with our bodies, often dealing with hormonal imbalances, certain areas in the vulva as well as inside of the vagina begin to experience difficulties in performing their regular tasks during times of intimacy. Women can experience vaginal dryness, weakened sensations in erogenous zones, and because of these, difficulty achieving orgasm or enjoy sexual intercourse at all. The very idea of sex can transform into just one more thing you don’t feel like doing or that your body doesn’t feel like doing even if you think it might be a good time.

When you take a female libido enhancer, you are utilizing their ingredients to their full potential. Pills, creams, gels, and oils all do very similar things. Their only difference is delivery. Pills can better balance out hormones because they work slowly from the inside out, whereas topical products and products doubly used for lubrication are for quicker application and more immediate satisfaction (though they are meant to be used over time to provide overall improvement).

No matter which product you use, their functions are quite similar. Aside from hormonal balancing, they also increase blood flow to the vulva and its particularly sensitive spots. Increased blood flow means more relaxation and better stimulation. Without proper blood flow, areas are constricted and tightened, making it difficult to become aroused. In which case, you will put more and more effort into arousal until it becomes nothing more than a chore.

Eliminating vaginal dryness is also a very important factor. For sex to be truly pleasurable, women need proper lubrication within the vagina in order for certain components to be able to slide in and out more easily. After all, an engine doesn’t run well if it isn’t well-oiled, right? The different products available offer lubrication even as they help you to provide your own natural version. When you are aroused, your body responds in kind. Because of the added circulation the product does, your body will be better able to act as it has in the past.

Even when you are not having sex, by continually taking the products, your body will be ready to get, set, and go!


How Do I Know It’s Working?

When a man takes Viagra, it’s pretty easy to see when the pills have kicked in. There’s really no question about it. But when a woman starts to take a female libido enhancer, when does she know when it is working? Is there some magical point in time where she’ll realize she’s ready?

The short answer? No, there isn’t any magical exclamation point of readiness. But that doesn’t mean you won’t know when the moment is right.

Products for women all have the same goal – to make you more into sex when it comes your way. Most of them also use similar ingredients. By creating the right combination of herbs, vitamins, certain amino acids, and other components, they are more easily absorbed into the body and begin to act. Topical products like creams and gels are meant to be absorbed quickly through the skin and reach directly to the blood, enhancing blood flow to those specific areas. By getting you excited gradually, your body will respond in the right ways.

These products aren’t going to suddenly turn you into a lustful monster though. You’ll simply be more receptive to a sexual invite when it comes your way from your partner. Instead of saying no, you’ll be more inclined to say yes and enjoy sex much more than you did before. Pills work gradually whereas creams, oils, and gels work fast on contact. You can take pills days, even weeks before engaging in sexual activities without fear of randomly jumping your partner (though that sounds fun, doesn’t it?). The creams and other topical products work best right before sexual intercourse or even during. Similar to lubrication purchased in the everyday drugstore, they help add to those fantastic sensations all while working with your body to improve natural lubrication as well as balancing out hormonal issues.

Simply put, you know your body well enough to know when your female libido enhancer of choice is working: when sex sounds like a good idea instead of an unwelcome one, when you feel better about the very concept of sex, and, of course, when you yourself initiate sex between you and your partner. Instead of being down in an unhappy funk, you will be more comfortable, more willing, and more excited about the prospect of being intimate. When you finally engage in between-the-sheet activities, your orgasm will not only be present, but it will be better than ever.


Are These Products Safe?

Your sexual desire has waned. It’s that simple. Or is it? Nothing about the female body is ever truly simple. But all that you know is that you simply are not as into sex as you used to be. The worst of it is, you’d really rather like to be into sex. But your body just is not feeling it, and therefore, neither are you.

This is the sad results of numerous possible reasons. Whether you find out those reasons or not can mean ending your sex-related problems. But what if you still need help? That is where the female libido enhancer comes in.

No doubt you have heard of the various pills, creams, oils, and gels available on the market, ready to ship at a moment’s notice in discreet packages. Many of them claim great things. That they work fantastically, they won’t harm you, they’re made of natural ingredients, and they don’t have any side effects. However, what you are interested in is whether or not these products are safe.

There are some products that have been doctor-approved. You may have even heard about these products through advertisements on the television. Though a lot of drugs and other products are able to get TV airtime these days that still does not guarantee safety. You can only be truly sure of a product if it has been through various testing by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA was specifically set up to root out products within its jurisdiction that are unsafe or fail to perform as they are supposed to.

While there are a lot of female libido enhancer products that are touted as the best, as of yet, none have been officially approved by the FDA. For women everywhere waiting for that stamp of approval, you may have to wait a bit longer. However, there is one thing you can take with you; many products have migrated over from Europe. It is in Europe that these very products are examined and given a bill of safety for all the herbal remedies and vitamins that most of them largely contain.

Pay close attention to which brand names pop up the most in your search for the right product. These are often the most effective for women and generally do, in fact, work. Give one or two a try and see how your body reacts. If you are really concerned, contact your doctor for a professional opinion.


Get Your Gel On

Women everywhere are bound to experience a low point in their sex life now and then. Sometimes it just happens to be a small bump in the road and they recover quickly. Other times, however, that bump turns into a mountain – and not everyone knows how to climb.

It can be hard to deal with sexual dysfunction, especially when you don’t know how to break out of it. Some women aren’t even sure that is what is happening to them. We are so used to hearing about men’s problems on the television, over the radio, even online, that we never truly think that it might happen – or could happen – to us. But with age, menopause, hormonal imbalances, and other factors sneaking up on us, it is something that should be taken into consideration.

There is hope, however. Women are not completely stuck up a creek without a paddle while men cruise by on their motor boats. More and more research has gone into finding out what makes the female body tick and through this research products have been made to specifically address the problem of low female sexual drive. Enter the female libido enhancer.

They take many forms. Pills are what people think about the most, but there are also gels that are meant to help stimulate women and help get them back to that happy place of sexual readiness. A man’s reaction to the thought of sex is largely a physical one. A woman, however, is made up of a lot more than that. Products like gels are not just the typical lubricant that you can find in any drugstore. These gels specifically tackle not only vaginal dryness, but the underlying reasons behind a woman’s low sex drive. Gels help to stimulate blood circulation which can help add to pleasure and sensitivity in erogenous zones, as well as encouraging your body to create its own natural lubrication.

What’s more, these gels are made from as many natural ingredients as possible so as not to interfere with any medication you may be taking or irritate your body in any way. The vagina has a specific natural chemical balance, and these gels have been carefully created in order to avoid upsetting that balance and instead, working with it so that in the future, you won’t have to use any product at all.

A gel female libido enhancer works on different levels, from helping your body get back to its former glory and then heightening your sexual stimulation during intercourse to help you reach plateaus you may have never encountered before.


Liven Things Up!

A lot of women who suffer from a low sexual drive will start to wonder about ways to increase female libido. With so many possibilities out there, it can be a little difficult to figure out how to begin. But sometimes the simplest explanations are the best ones. If your sex life overall has hit a snag and the idea of hopping into bed isn’t exactly thrilling, it may be time to change things up a bit.

Low sexual drive is not always due to age or medical issues. Sometimes it just happens because nothing else is happening in the bedroom. Take a look at what you and your partner have been doing the past few months or years. Have you been using the same routine? Do you find ways to connect outside of the bedroom as well?

Women want to feel just as sexy outside of the bed sheets as they do in the bed sheets. Have a seat with your partner and talk about ways that might make things more exciting. Take a stroll into a bookstore and browse their sexuality section. Not every book there is about new positions and games – though there isn’t anything wrong with examining a few of those either – but many are also about bonding on a loving and very intimate level. Something as simple as an extra kiss every day can make you or your partner happier. A quick brush of the fingertips on bare skin before heading off to work can put the idea of sex into the mind and allow it to grow over the day.

Increased physical contact is a quick and easy way to help boost both your sex drive as well as your partner’s. Knowing you are wanted and getting touched now and then even in a seemingly innocuous way can make for great female libido enhancers. When you find newer and more interesting ways to connect, breaking up your typical routine, and rediscovering each other as lovers, you’ll also rediscover how much you enjoyed being with them. What’s more, now you will have plenty of new games and things to try, making every night in the bedroom (or any other room) a new and improved high point of excitement in your life.

And, no doubt once your partner gets wind of what you are interested in doing, they’ll be hot on your heels to help.


Where to Turn for Help

If you are experiencing a loss of libido, you know how frustrating and confusing it can be. Most people report feeling out of control or as if they don’t recognize themselves in the mirror any longer. The first step in seeking help is admitting that you have an issue and that it is not your fault. Once you have overcome that sometimes troublesome barrier, you can begin to reach out to those who may be able to help you. Here are three places you can look for help right away.


There is a good chance that your problem is a sign of a bigger medical issue. Some people instantly think that problems with sex drive have to be mental, and sometimes they are, but if there is a medical reason why you are going through what you are, it is extremely important that you locate and treat it as soon as possible. In some cases, a loss of sex drive is your bodies’ way of telling you that something more serious is going on. It is only with a trained eye and a series of tests can you rule out a medical issue. Once you have, you can begin to look deeper into your psyche.


Although physiatrists have a much better reputation today then they did years ago, many still have a hard time admitting that they need to see one. If you have ruled out medical issues, you may just need to sit down and talk with someone. You will likely be asked questions pertaining to your views on sex, how you view yourself, what sex has been like for you up to this point and other similar topics. It could be that simply talking about things going on in the back of your mind will help you bring them out and deal with them.

Natural Medicine

The numbers of people that turn to all natural medicine and homeopathy to deal with issues regarding the female libido have skyrocketed over the last few decades. Some doctors will still say it is all a matter of the mind, but others swear that through the use of all natural medicine and a holistic approach to living, they have rekindled their love of intimacy. Even critics will tell you that this kind of care won’t hurt and it may turn out to be the answer you have been looking for all along.


How a Healthy Lifestyle Contributes to Libido

When you think about your lifestyle, and honestly take a look at it, is it healthy in every area? What about your sex life and your libido? Do you enjoy your relationship and look forward to the sexual part of it, or are you lacking in the desire area? Are you able to enjoy sex when it happens, or is it something you don’t even want to think about? How is your response to stimulation – is it good or do you have a difficult time becoming sexually stimulated? What about lubrication, are you lubricated enough to make sex comfortable?

These things, and even more, can all be affected by how healthy your lifestyle is. Female libido is constantly being challenged by the changes of life. Menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum healing, menopause, and ovulation, all affect your hormone levels which can bring ups and downs with libido. The way you live, the habits you have, and how you treat yourself can all have an impact on your sexual desire and responses.

Evaluating your lifestyle may be the first step to having a better sex life. Even if you don’t suffer from a low libido, improvement is always good. When you look at your lifestyle, you will want to consider every area. Women, especially, will want to consider lifestyle as a catalyst to increasing the libido.

First, do you have any habits that might affect your libido? Some people think that alcohol is a good thing to us as a female libido enhancer. Maybe a glass of wine is good to help you relax, but any more than that and you are actually using something that is a depressant, and will be more likely to kill the mood than increase it. Drinking occasionally, a drink or two, won’t lower your libido. Any more than that, though, and you may be setting yourself up to having a less than healthy sex life. What about smoking? Cigarettes are toxic, and have the ability to affect your overall feeling of wellbeing for the worse, as well as make you less healthy than you should be. Quitting may actually help you feel better about yourself too, which would be a boost to your libido.

How about your diet? Do you eat a lot of junk food? A diet with a lot of sugar, high fat foods, and simple carbohydrates is lacking in essential nutrients that you need for good health. The best diet to follow if you want to have a higher libido, a healthy and happy sex life, and to be generally happier, is one that is full of healthy foods. Whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and lean protein offer enough nutrition to help you become healthier. When you eat healthy, you are using one of the best female libido enhancers there is, nutrition.

How active are you? It has been medically proven that women who get a sufficient amount of exercise are not only healthier, but also have more sex, better sex, and a higher libido. This may be in part because of the feel good hormones that are released when you exercise, and in part because when you exercise you begin to feel better about yourself. With the added bonus that exercise makes you more flexible, and it increases your stamina- both of which will help improve your sex life.

All of these things together create a lifestyle made up of natural female libido enhancers. If you are suffering from a low libido, you may be able to get back to normal by improving your lifestyle.


Talking to Your Partner

Talking to your partner about a loss of sex drive can be extremely difficult, even for partners that have excellent communication skills. The thing that most partners are afraid of hearing is that the reason there has been a loss in sex drive is because they aren’t seen as attractive any longer, so many people avoid the topic all together. Here are a few can’t miss tips for talking to your partner about sex drive problems.. Remember, life is too short to go without love and intimacy for too long.

Be Gentle

The first angle that you should take with loss of libido is to be gentle, caring and considerate. Chances are, your partner has noticed a decrease in their own sex drive and is just as concerned, if not more concerned, about it than you are. The last thing you want to do is mention it in a crass way or in a way that belittles what your partner is going through. Try to bring it up during a time when the both of you are relaxed and feeling positive. If you’ve had a fight recently or if the two of you seem to be in a bad mood, wait until later to talk about it, or you could make matters much worse.

Put Her Feelings First

Most men are anxious to talk about how this drop off in sex drive has made them feel, and while the feelings of both partners are extremely important, it is important that you put the person who is experiencing this drop off in sex drive first. The root of the problem lies with that person and you have to open up the avenues of communication with that person so the two of you can talk.

Be Honest

You always want to approach this topic with great care and with great respect, but you don’t want to lie, either. If your partner asks you how you have been taking this whole situation, it is important that you are honest, but be gentle about it. If you’ve found it devastating and you are questioning the very foundation of your relationship, say so, but don’t lay blame. Use this opportunity to learn about female libido and what the two of you can do together to work though these issues and end up with a stronger relationship on the other side. Remember, this is an issue that both of you need to work though, not just the person going through the downturn in sex drive.


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